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Wendyism's: Deep thoughts by Wendy

Wendyism's: Deep thoughts by Wendy

“All I want this valentines day is a shower”- Wendyism from Moab, Utah

People say you shouldn’t do this, you can’t do that. It’s up to you to prove them wrong. -Wendyism

“I know you think I’m ruining your life, but actually your mom and I are living ours”. George W Bush, Decision Points Book

Life is just a party and party’s aren’t meant to last. -Prince 1999

If experiences were blood, I’d be a vampire- Wendyism

If wine were water, I’d see every day through rose colored glasses. -Wendyism

Camping is when you notice the clean people rather than the dirty ones. -Wendyism

I’m not talking trash. I’m talking truth! -Miami city girls chatting

Future decisions are made from bits and pieces of our past. -Key west bar sign

A house is but a machine to live in. – Le Corbusier

More to come…

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