Travel-dogs (Rusty, Johnny, Roxy)

Travel-dogs (Rusty, Johnny, Roxy)

Meet the Travel-dogs. These lovable balls of fur live to eat, walk, poo, and travel.  They’ve lived in 3 countries and have each accumulated over 30K flying miles.

Rusty* (Left)- A squeezable little puggle with an affection for learning new languages and decifering new sounds with multiple head tilts. At 7 years old he’s the oldest of the bunch by a few months and it show’s in his exceptionally relaxed personality.  Currently traveling around the US in an RV, he’s equally at home from his navigator perch in the cockpit, sledding obstacle spotter in the snow, or getting buried under sand on the beach.  He’s mastered the art of posing for a picture next to or on top of weird statues and other random objects his parents set him on.

Roxy** (Right)-  Part Taco-terrier part princess warrior.  A doll of a chihuahua with the ability to summon the underworld when provoked by her brothers.  She’s at home playing mother while caring her little stuffed animal children everywhere.  Content to stay where its safe and comfortable, she’s earned the title of Miss Priss with her pamper me ways. Roxy is currently taking care of her grandmother in Japan temporarily.

Johnny*** (Center)- Peppy Le Pue (the romantic skunk cartoon) best characterizes this Chipin. He’s a suave operator with a knack for romancing his way to getting what he wants whether that may be a nice seat on the off limits couch, toy, or multiple walks.  His self appointed job is face cleaner for his brother and sister, a job he takes very seriously.  Rambuncious at times and with what some may call a napoleon syndrome, he’s not afraid to call out any size dog or strange looking human, especially when he’s with his bigger brother. Johnny is temporarily living in Japan.

* aka Roo-Bear, the Roo-inator, Roo, Professor Pugsley, Mr. Poo #2, Poo-Bear, Russell, Skittles, Gizmo, Captian Roo, Cuddle bug, and pretty much anything else that rhymes with Roo.

** aka Miss Priss, Peencess, Rox, and Roxanne.

*** aka JB, JB Baby, Johhny Baby, Johnny Boy, and Jonathan.

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