Quotes, signs and thoughts from along the way.


Cape Canaveral Sunrise

Steveism's: Thoughts along the way

“People are as happy as they make up their minds to be.” -Abraham Lincoln

“Be a hero and buy the round” -Ricks Sporting Saloon, New Orleans $2 draft sign

“Love the wine you’re with”- New Orleans Bourbon Street sign

“To discover the little things you take for granted, go camping” -Steveism

“I love RV’s.  Its the only vehicle you can drink in and no one seems to care.  Rather, they expect it.” – Steveism

“Ahh the beach.  Its the only place where you can sit there and do nothing, yet be thought of as doing something.”-  Steveism

“I work hard because millions of people on welfare depend on me.”- Bumper sticker Toronto, Canada

“The last thing going through Osama bin Ladens mind… A navy seal bullet,” Underwater demolition Team Navy seal Museum shirt, Florida

More to come…

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