Latin America & Antarctica

Latin America & Antarctica…



  • ARGENTINA: Buenos Aires La Cabana Las Lilas steakhouse (ref: 1000) Patagonia cruise (Magellan Straits, Beagle Channel), Iguassu Falls (in parts of Brazil too) can get overnight bus from Rio Brazil w/ Hostel Inn Iguassu for $14 dorm, tango in Buenos Aires, Glacier National Park, travel to Antartica (ref: WTGW) (ref: 1000)
  • BOLIVIA: Copacabana (ref: 1000) La Paz (highest capital in the world), go to Tiahuanaco ruins, Lake Titicaca on boat tour to Isla del Sol (birthplace of Adam and Eve of Inca culture), back to La Paz and on to Uyuni for Salar de Uyuni and Chile’s Atacama Desert by four-wheel-drive (ref: WTGW), Copacabana, HI Hostel Onkel Inn $16 dorm, El Misti $15, Copacabana Ilha Grande Beach Che Lagarto $19 dorm, Aquario Pousada $54 dbl
  • BRAZIL: River Sea expedition up the Amazon from Belem to Iguitos, Peru or vice versa is 18-19 days for $6995 including meals, excursions and sightseeing with 2 departures in May, the Ariau Jungle Tower in Manaus, Manaus is the main city in the Brazilian Amazon with treks into the jungle and July is the beginning of the dry season Fernando de Noronha has 21 islands for scuba and snorkeing in Pernambuco, Buzios party beachtown (ref: 1000) Carnaval (Feb/March) or Salvador (early March) Amazon…river journey…board in Belem for mind broadening cruise to Manaus or Iquitos, Peru (ref: WTGW), Fernando de Noronha

    Rio de Janeiro: (New Years) Cpacabana or Ipanema beach, cable car to Sugar Loaf Mtn, watch a roda de samba @ Bip Bip in Copabanana @ night, sts of Praca XV, 19th centry Praca Floriano & Fine Arts museum, funicular up Corcovado to see Christ the Redeemer & 360 degree views, hire tour co for Tijuca Forest (largest urban rainforest in the world), head back to Cpacabana to join dancing on the beach & fireworks, Confeitaria Colombo, dress in white for beach NYE, use metro (ref: WTGW), hang gliding (ref:GT World) FESTIVAL: Feb Carnival in Rio

  • CHILE: cruise the coast of Patagonia through Turismo Skorpios departs from Puerto Montt on a 66 day cruise from $1300 all inclusive every Sat Sept-May and Dec-Feb is high season or through Cruceros Austalis from Punta Arenas is $1152 for 7 day cruise w/ various other options, Patagonia Torres del Paine Nat’l Park (ref: 1000) Punta Arenas (Patagonia), Cape Horn (cruise is expensive), Torres del Paine Ntl Park, Easter Island (ref: WTGW)
  • ECUADOR: Nariz del Diablo is an awe inspiring rail route, world’s most difficult railway to build winds down “Devils Nose” from hight mtn to rain forest; volunteer: Andean Bear in Quito, for $500 for 4 wks includes transport from Quito, lodging & meals (ref: WTGW)

    Galapagos Is: fly from Quito, Puerto Ayora to visit Darwin Research Station, look out for giant tortoises, cruise around but probably expensive (ref: WTGW) (ref: 1000)

  • EASTER ISLAND: ancient monolithis stone statues, horseback/mtn bike/hike, Moai statues (ref: WTGW)
  • PERU: Amazon, Machu Picchu (ref: 1000) Machu Picchu (book 3 months in advance), fly into Lima (window seat to see Andes) best Apr-Sept Lima Pt Hostel $12 dorm, Cusco (get used to alt), Sacred Valleys Pisaq, Vistadome train to Aqua Clientes, bus to Manchu Picchu, take early bus to site, afternoon train back to Cusco (avoid fatty foods, alcohol and strenuous activities, drink coca tea) book 3 months in adance if you want to walk Inca Trail, take plane to fly above mysterious figures/patterns marked in Nazca desert 1000 yrs ago $134, Amazon River, (from/to La Paz, Bolivia) bus? to Cuzco, go trek Machu Picchu, back to Cuzco, fly to Lima (fly to Quito, Ecuador for Galapago) (ref: WTGW), drink Pisco Sours, fly to Puerto Maldonaldo in the Amazon basin FESTIVAL: June 24 Inti Raymi (Festival of the Sun) in Cuzco where ceremonial virgins walk ruins of Sacasayhuaman and slaughter of a llama (!) for divine forecast (ref:GW World)
  • VENEZUELA: Margarita Is: El Agua Beach, Macanao drive to Manzanillo, El Yaque windsurfing or Parquito for surfing, boat trip to Coche & Cubaque (diving), Los Roques 42 Coral Reefs, Penero to explore mangrowves of Restinga Nat’l park, careful of strong tides/currants, rent a car to explore & you’ll be rewarded, tax free bargains in Porlamas, Angel Falls (ref: WTGW)



  • BELIZE: (Mar-May) Amergris Caye in San Pedro has more then 40 dive sites (ref: 1000) dive Placencia (ref:GT World)
  • COSTA RICA: Quepos, Puntarenas Manuel Antonio National Park (ref: 1000) Pacuare River rapids, surf Playa Hermosa (ref: WTGW)
  • DOMINICA: Roseau (New Orleans style arch), visit local museum, snorkel Champagne Bay, Marne Trois Pitons Nat’l Park, hike to Trafalgar Falls, Papillote Tropical Gardens, Rainforest Aerial Tram, scuba dive underwater caves of Soufriere Crater & enjoy the Marine Park, then Sulphur Springs, Wacky Rollers Adventure Park (jeep safari/horseback riding), hike Boiling Lake (Valley of Desolation), soak in thermo pools en route, take sweater & rainproof jacket, try local fruits (ref: WTGW)
  • EL SALVADOR: FESTIVAL: Aug 1st wk in San Salvador is El Salvador del Mundo with a carnival vibe dedicated to Jesus Christ
  • GUATEMALA: Anitgua (ref: 1000) Tikal sunrise (ref: WTGW)
  • MEXICO: Puerto Vallarta: Hollywood glitz, beaches (ref: WTGW), Los Cabos, Palenque ancient Mayan ruin in Chiapas, Acapulco, Day of the Dead starts Nov 1st (ref: 1000) FESTIVAL: May 5th Cinco de Mayo, Oct 28th-ish Day of the Dead
  • NICARAGUA: Corn Islands hidden beach paradise (ref: WTGW)
  • PANAMA: Panama Canal (ref: WTGW)
  • URUGUAY: Montevideo (short trip across river from Buenos Aires) is the capital, highest quality of life in South America



(Gentoo Penguins) or South Georgia Island (King Penguins) (ref: WTGW)



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