Top 100 Wonders

Venice, Italy

Venice, Italy

We love travel lists.  Here’s one from We’ve seen a few but our goal is to make it to these places together someday.  I know quite a task but a lifetime is a long time (subject to change when we have kids of course;). Here’s how we’re doing at 35.

A strike though indicates we both made it, Bold indicates that one of us was there, and regular type means we’ve yet to explore it!

  1. Great Wall of China
  2. Petra: Arabah, Jordan
  3. Taj Mahal: Agra, India
  4. Chichen Itza: Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico
  5. Colosseum of Rome: Itlay
  6. Christ the Redeemer: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  7. Machu Picchu: Peru
  8. Bali: Indonesia
  9. Iguaza Falls: border of Brazil and Argentina
  10. Amazon Rain Forest: Brazil (60%), Peru (13%), rest in SA countries
  11. Ngorongoro Crater: Tanzania
  12. Great Barrier Reef: Queensland, Australia
  13. Angkor Wat: Cambodia
  14. Victoria Falls: btwn Zambia and Zimbabwe
  15. Forbidden City: Beijing, China
  16. Bagan Temples: Myanmar
  17. Karnak Temple: Eqypt
  18. Teotihuacan: Mexico, near Mexico City
  19. Banaue Rice Temples: Ifugao, Philippines
  20. Bora Bora: Tahiti
  21. Acropolis in Parthenon: Greece
  22. Potala Palace: Lhasa, Tibet
  23. Jerusalem Old City: Israel
  24. Terracotta Warriors: Xian, China
  25. Serengeti Migration: Tanzania to Kenya
  26. Pyramids of Giza: Egypt
  27. Nile River Cruise: Africa
  28. Easter Island: Chile
  29. Cappadocia: Turkey
  30. Galapagos Islands: Ecuador
  31. Fjords of Norway
  32. St Peter’s Basilica: Vatican
  33. Egyptian Museum: Cairo, Egypt
  34. Borobudur Temple: Magelang, Indonesia
  35. Valley of the Kings: Egypt
  36. Hong Kong Harbor
  37. Sistine Chapel: Vatican
  38. Alhambra: Granada, Spain
  39. Louvre Museum: Paris, France
  40. Canals of Venice: Italy
  41. Versailles Palace: France
  42. Carlsbad Caverns: New Mexico, USA
  43. Mecca (Makkah): Saudi Arabia
  44. Kathmandu City: Nepal
  45. Metropolitan Museum: NYC, USA
  46. Mount Everest: Nepal
  47. Emerald Buddha Temple: Bangkok, Thailand
  48. Hagia Sophia: Istanbul, Turkey
  49. Pompeii: Italy
  50. Kashmir Valley: India
  51. Prague Old Town: Czech Republic
  52. Golden Temple of Amritsar: Amritsar, Punjab, India
  53. Amalfi Drive & Coast: Italy
  54. Meenakshi Temple: Madurai, India
  55. Chartres Cathedral: Chartes, France
  56. Mosque of Cordoba: Cordoba, Spain
  57. Umayyad Mosque: Damascus, Syria
  58. Dubrovnik Old City: Croatia
  59. Uffizi Gallery: Florence, Italy
  60. Grand Canyon: Arizona, USA
  61. Golden Pavilion Temple: Kyoto, Japan
  62. Delphi: Greece
  63. St Basil’s Cathedral: Moscow, Russia
  64. Abu Simbel: Eqypt
  65. St Mark’s Basilica: Venice, Italy
  66. Florence Cityscape: Florence, Italy
  67. Kremlin: Moscow, Russia
  68. Varanasi and Ganges River: India
  69. Lijiang River: Guangxi Province, China
  70. Shwedagon Pagoda: Yangon, Myranmar
  71. Sahara Desert: Morocco, Egypt
  72. Leaning Tower of Pisa: Pisa, Italy
  73. Baalbek: Bakaa Valley, Lebanon
  74. Mont Saint-Michel: Normandy, France
  75. Topkapi Palace: Istanbul, Turkey
  76. Carnival: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  77. Stonehenge: Wiltshire, England
  78. Angel Falls: Bolivar State, Venezuela
  79. Yellowstone National Park: Wyoming, USA
  80. Santorini: Greece
  81. Petronas Twin Towers: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  82. Matterhorn: btwn Switzerland and Italy
  83. New York City Skyline: New York, USA
  84. Marrakech: Morocco
  85. Eiffel Tower: Paris, France
  86. Ladkah: India
  87. Niagra Falls: Canada
  88. Burj Al Arab: Dubai, UAE
  89. Yosemite National Park: California, USA
  90. Ayers Rock (Uluru): Australia
  91. Chateau de Chambord: Loire Valley, France
  92. Temple of Heaven: Beijing, China
  93. Neuschwanstein Castle: Bavaria, Germany
  94. Sydney Opera House: Australia
  95. San Francisco Bay: California, USA
  96. Dead Sea: btwn Israel and Jordan
  97. Portofino Bay: Italy
  98. The State Hermitage Museum: St Petersburg, Russia
  99. Banff National Park: Canada
  100. British Museum

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  1. traveldogscom says:

    I think this is a great list but I didn’t make it. If I did I’d probably include or take off a few places. How about you? Know of any amazing places you’d include or been somewhere on the list that didn’t impress you? Let us know!