Where’d we go? USA RV

We made it home safe after 275 days on the road, 37 states & 2 provinces visited, 19,596 miles traveled. Check out the below map of our route and where we spent the night (traveling counter clockwise around US starting from San Diego, California). Download our itinerary here USA Roadtrip 2011 Itinerary.


Where are we now? in a larger map

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  1. George Ushiyama 256-3370 says:

    All i can say is wow! How r u guys doing? Holy Shit mann… 200+ days RV’ing and i’m just checking it out now..i feel lacking…is your cell # still the xxx-8703 ? You guys prob had birthdays on the road too…well happy b-day to both..
    When i first went to the site (9-12-11 7:34pm HST) i was looking like where’s steve&wendys stuff?..then i realized it all is your webpage! with the pics of your dogs and all…i’ll start checking in with you guys more often now…i’ll email pics of Liko (son) and Lucky our Yellow Lab…take care..ps hows the RV holding up?…god bless…i’left this same message but it was on the Africa page? it came back with 0 responses and also awaiting “something or other” so i plastered it here too…i went on a surf adventure with one of my pilot buddies…ill write 2 u about that later…

  2. Hi George! Good to hear from you. Where did you go for your surf trip? We’re in Michigan around the great lakes now and I heard that sometimes the waves can get big enough to surf so I’m keeping an eye out so I can try lake surfing. Will probably freeze my nutz off if it actually happens. Hard to believe it’s already 7+ months on the road. We’re still loving it especially now that my parents bought an RV and met up with us for this northern leg. We can let them do some of the daily planning which is a good break. As for the site, I update the “dogs life 365” page with a pic a day of what we’re up to but the other parts don’t get updated that often. Wendy keeps up the traditional travel blog commentary and picture stuff on the “Travelpod” page (goes to our USA RV blog @ Travelpod website). Still have same cell #, give me a ring some time. Say hi for me to everyone at the office!