Daily Photo from USA RV trip

Daily little adventures living the dogs life. I saw a blog somewhere a while back where this lady posted one picture a day for a year. It was of her living her daily life and her cute little kids. So simple a concept but I enjoyed looking at some of her pictures. As they progressed she started getting a little abstract, taking pictures of random things and explaining what they were and how she came across it. I could tell it really didn’t matter to her if anyone looked at them but probably gave her a creative outlet and an amazing scrap book to look back on and watch her children grow. Well along that line of thought, I decided I’d do the same along our road trip. Figured we’d have ample time and it would be interesting to look back on this time in our lives roaming the US and living a dogs life. Well as I sit here its already 4 months into our trip and I have no “dogs life” pics up. Not because we’re short of photos, good lord no, we’ve got so many I don’t even want to sort through them. But I will, someday… Or maybe I’ll just start from today June 9th.

*The map below the daily pic is where the pic was posted from that day, not where it was taken. All maps can be zoomed out or in…

Nov 4th

The end. We made it home to San Diego safe and sound 9 months and 1 day from when we started. This adventure was everything that we had dreamed of and more. What a trip this life is. Back to reality? Not quite yet, soon well be planning next years trip RTW!

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Nov 3rd

Last sunset of our trip from Laguna Beach, California.

Other stuff- Amazing rooftop bar overlooking the beach and sunset and great dinner at Kya.

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Nov 2nd

Santa Cruz, California.

Other stuff- Big Sur

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Nov 1st

Wine tasting in Sonoma, California.

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Oct 31st

Giant coastal redwoods of the avenue of giants road, California.

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Oct 30th

Portland, Oregon.

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Oct 29th

Mt. St. Helens, Washington.

Other stuff- Journey home in our budget rental truck. Not exactly the best vehicle for sightseeing but we raced through Tacoma, and Olympia.

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Oct 28th

Seattle, Washington.

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Oct 27th

Boeing Factory, Everett Washington.

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Oct 26th

Packing up. Dead in the water we wait and prepare for our move back home. Lynnwood, Washington.

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