What it Cost? USA RV

Wondering what 9 months traveling around the US in an RV costs?  Wondering where we stay, what we do, what we eat, and all those other little expenses that add up to life on the road?  Click on the below spreadsheets where we recorded where every penny went in way too much detail.  Or see below for a summary of our expenses to help you plan your next RV travel odyssey! The below totals are for 2 people traveling together.

Per Day Averages
Total per day average $99.81
Food & Alcohol $29.69
Sleep (mostly free in RV) $4.76
Fun stuff $8.21
Possessions bought $3.81
Fuel $35.95
Local transportation (bus, train, etc) $1.30
Long distance transportation $0.00
Communications (Phone, mail, etc) $2.56
Daily living $3.22
Dog Stuff $2.71
RV Exp (Equip, propane, dumps, etc) $5.80
Other $1.08

Google Docs PDF

Open office spreadsheet download






Travel-dogs local PDF File

*Don’t have Open Office?  Its like Microsoft Office but totally free.  You can get it here.

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