It’s been a long time coming: our idea which turned into a lot of researching, then planning, which led to organizing, and finally the beginning of the realization of our dream. Having each other to support the possibilities of taking things a step further and with the additional support of our family and friends who encourage us to pursue our goals, we decided to finally take a leap and just go for it! Karen, Steve’s mom, gave us a magnetic Thoreau quote that sums it all up, “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you’ve imagined.”

Steve and I have been wanting to go on a round-the-world trip since before we even met. The shared interest fueled the fire and by the time we were getting married, we had tentative plans to go on the voyage for our honeymoon. One thing led to another and instead we found ourselves back in Asia for fifteen months, a perfect stepping stone for our travels. Having one of us employed (Steve) and the other to sort our travel arrangements (Wendy), we were a dynamic duo exploring South East Asia.

Upon returning to America, we had hopes that we could somehow keep Steve employed and take a sort of sabbatical for a year but that didn’t work out so we had a serious decision to make, one year of traveling the world or possibly longer to travel around the US too?! (Not going on the world trip was never an option!) Well, I’m sitting here in our 34 ft recreational vehicle (RV)/motorhome/home on wheels/”Big B” in the Grand Canyon. I guess that answers the question.

We are at a point in our lives where nothing is tying us down, we’ve gotten rid of (or stored what’s left of) most of our tangible belongings and are ready to start a new travel odyssey. Having spent most of our adult lives living in/traveling foreign countries (besides the few years on an island in the Pacific…Oahu, Hawaii), we decided to focus the initial journey within the continental United States.

**Update April 9, 2012** We had an amazing 9 months circling the US in our RV with our Puggle. We took a well deserved breather for a few months where we got caught up with our family and friends, and planned our next step.  The day is finally almost upon us. Tomorrow we leave for a year around the world!  Bring on the adventures!

**Upadate March 13, 2013** Steve’s back full circle, Wendy’s taking another 2 weeks in Japan with her Mother. 11 months already? We feel like we crammed in 11 years of amazing experiences. Wow, what the heck just happened. Glad we have this site to help us remember!

**Update May 12, 2013** After some family catch up time and a bunch of planning and research we’re off on a one way ticket to the US Virgin Islands to see if we’d like to stay.

**Update June 17, 2013** We spent a month on St. John in the USVI and we decided it was too secluded to allow for the quality of life we want.  We’re back in San Diego and set on staying a while while we get our business up and running.

**Update January 12, 2015** We’ve decided to move back to Hawaii. The islands were calling us back. They were in our dreams and we knew what we had to do. With lots of exciting business plans, 3 dogs, a few bags and boxes, and o ya a baby girl on the way.  We’re stoked for the next chapter.

Our email- traveldogsbark@gmail.com.

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  1. Ronnie says:

    Hey guys. Can you send me your address? I want to send you both a Christmas card.