02/11/13 10th month- Nelson, NZ to Hiroshima, JP Micro Dreams to Country Living

10th month thoughts- 02/11/13 Nelson, New Zealand to Hiroshima, Japan. “Micro Dreams to Country living”
6,337 Miles traveled this month
2 flights
2 Countries visited (New Zealand, Japan)
4 Cities visited (Nelson, Christchurch, Auckland, Hiroshima)
7 Micro-Brew books read
1 Sumo Tournament watched
46,460 Miles traveled total

As I sit here at Wendy’s mothers house in a remote island small village there is an overwhelming lack of distractions. No Internet (at first), no english TV channels, books or magazines, or pretty much any other outside stimulus. After 10 straight months of nonstop adventure this is a more than welcome change. It’s the perfect environment for focusing on our next step. I’m pretty much always half a step in the present and half starring into the future so a few weeks prior to arriving here I purchased 4 books on amazon that arrived here shortly after we did. I’ve spent my days studying these books, highlighting useful information and taking notes pretty much all day every day. I read each one with sweaty palms and nervous excitement.

Earlier this month we were shocked at the devastation and seemingly post apocalyptic earthquake shaken Christchurch. Whole neighborhoods stood still empty in designated uninhabitable “red zones” from the earthquakes 2 years prior. Broken windows, boards holding up walls and fences, businesses closed, and slow construction. Despite its reconstruction efforts, which everyone is optimistic that it will allow for a new grand vision, there is a sad feeling of so many broken dreams. We spend much of our time visiting with one of Wendy’s old friends and in the local library.

9th month highlights: Auckland history museum and Maori show, reuniting with our 2 lovable dogs after 2 years!

9th month ‘other’ moments: Crazy people in public library’s, 3 hr drives to eat okonomyaki, trying to get used to ‘normal’ life (cooking, cleaning, use this not that, do this not that).



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